Farmstand CO-OP
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A new boulder Market featuring locally grown, imperfect produce, Raised & hand-Crafted food. 

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We are strengthening the local foodshed by offering Farmers a way to sell more of what they grow, reducing food loss, and increasing access to healthy food.


The stand

Opened summer 2018 in Boulder, the Farmstand Collective offers local, community farmers a marketplace for their surplus and “seconds” produce, food that might otherwise remain unsold in the fields. The Farmstand Collective will purchase nutrient-dense “leftover” harvests from local farmers at a fair, negotiated price and then offer it to the public at a reduced cost. Our goal is to help support local agriculture while also promoting food equity in our community.


The Chefs

Produce that’s a little too bruised to sit on the shelves of the Farmstand will be sold to the Chef’s Collective, a group of local culinary artists dedicated to supporting our local food movement and health. Chefs will lovingly prepare over ripe, blemished, and stocked produce, transforming them into nutritious prepared meals and shelf-stable products, featuring live food process such as Dehydration, Fermentation, and low-heat cooking.


"Eating is an Agricultural Act"

- Wendell Berry