The Chef's Collective

The Chef's Collective is the Farmstand Collective's best customer! Produce that’s a little too bruised to sit on the shelves of the Farmstand will be sold to the Chef's Collective a group of local culinary artists dedicated to supporting our local food movement and health. Chefs will lovingly prepare over ripe, blemished, and stocked produce, transforming them into nutritious meals and shelf-stable products. Products such as kimchi, saurekraut, and pickled will be available for purchase at the farmstand and you can join their meal plan service below. 

Your meal Service

Let us do the work! Chef's will shop, chop, prepare and pack all your meals. So you can have easy access to nutritious meals around the clock. 

We Strive to make as much from scratch as possible and allow the season's of nature to dictate our menu. By using organic, local and raw ingredients, our dishes provide you with the energy you need to lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Simply pick up your meals weekly at our kitchen, then heat, eat and enjoy!

$250/per person per week

$1000/per person per month

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From Soil to Stomach

Our mission as chefs is to provide delicious, wholesome meals that nourish the mind and body with a focus on local farms to reduce waste, support the community, and nurture the planet.

We connect directly with local farmers, ranchers and artisans to ensure our ingredients, produce, and meats are sustainably grown and ethically raised. 


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On the Menu

Breakfast : Tuscan Scramble

Sundried tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, Italian pork sausage and eggs with a side of cassava flour waffles.

Lunch : Asian Butter Lettuce Wrap 

konjac noodles, shredded chicken, red pepper, purple cabbage, cilantro and almond butter, garlic, chili sauce.

Dinner : Teff Tortilla Fajitas

Braised beef, caramelized onions, peppers, kale and refried beans topped with a poached egg and pico de gallo


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